This is a message from Ami Parikh, your Reserve or Montgomery neighbor:

SycamoreSchoolsI am not sure if you are following the state news. However, the recent changes that are taking place in Columbus will reduce schools funding and will increase all our property taxes by over 5.6 mills in sycamore school district alone.  This is applicable to Mason, Princeton schools, Wyoming and all better funded school districts in this area.

In Sycamore Schools case, cutting the property tax money from the budget is 12% of the school year budget. This might be thousands of dollars of property taxes for all of us annually if the budget is passed. Even if your kids are not going to these schools, but you live in these neighborhoods – deteriorating school quality will impact all of us and the quality of our towns.

Please write to all Ohio state representatives to ensure we can defeat Governor Kasich’s proposal to take all school funding from local school districts and re-distribute the money to fund other schools.

Please see link below :
Your prompt action is necessary as the budget is being worked on this week and the legislatures will be voting on the budget in a few weeks.  Thanks for your time.

Please email them today, and copy our State Senator Shannon Jones, our State Representative Paul Zeltwanger, Ohio Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger, Chairman of the Ohio House Finance Subcommittee on Primary & Secondary Education Bob Cupp, and Chairman of the Ohio House Ways & Means Committee Jeff McClain.

The sample message below is what Mason schools are recommending to their families to use. Families can cut and paste this sample message if they want.

Sample Message

Email Subject Line: NO Elimination or Phase-Out of TPP Funding



Dear Chairman Smith and honorable members of the Committee:

I am writing as a concerned citizen. I urge you to reject the provision in House Bill 64 that would end Tangible Personal Property (TPP) tax reimbursements to Ohio’s school districts. Please retain current law that keeps TPP reimbursement permanent.  There must be NO elimination or phase-out of TPP funding for our schools.

Losing this funding would be crippling to the school districts and communities that still receive replacement revenue for the eliminated local TPP taxes.  These reimbursements must remain fully intact regardless of any funding formula changes that may emerge as part of the biennium budget.

Despite the governor’s intent to strip these dollars from our communities, I respectfully ask you to do the opposite and honor the commitment made to the schools, residents and businesses in heavily reliant TPP communities.

While it appears the governor may be able to turn his back on these Ohio communities, I do not believe that the General Assembly, which wrote permanent TPP reimbursements into law just four years ago, would do the same.

Our communities have engaged in the discussion about a permanent fix for the loss of local TPP tax revenues for more than a decade. In that time, our schools implemented efficiencies to adjust to reduced TPP revenues and continue to deliver outstanding educational results. But the dollars at stake are too great to simply shift that burden to our local residential and commercial taxpayers. Stripping those once local revenues must end and state law must continue to provide a measure of fiscal security for the heavily impacted school districts so the excellent educational opportunities for students in my community can continue.

The CAT is yielding more than $1.6 billion in annual revenue for the state’s General Revenue Fund. That is more than $1 billion more than is needed to continue the TPP reimbursements to schools in perpetuity. With that in mind, please consider the onerous economic impact on our local business community if the TPP reimbursements end.

Businesses that did not reap a large benefit when the TPP tax was eliminated actually have a higher tax obligation now under the CAT than they did when they paid TPP taxes. If our schools are forced to go back on the ballot to recoup further TPP funding cuts, our businesses will take a significant hit. The result would be the exact opposite of the original goal of the 2005 tax reform.

Terminating or slashing TPP reimbursements will have real and lasting effects. My neighbors and the businesses we support here will shoulder increasingly larger tax burdens to recover the $7 million in annual TPP funding our schools still receive. Our district has kept its promise to provide an outstanding education while cutting costs and implementing efficiencies. We respectfully ask the Ohio House to do the same and fulfill the commitment to keep permanent TPP funding in Ohio law.

Eliminating the TPP funding will have a dire and immediate impact on our schools.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.


NAME: Joe Doe


Thank you so much for your quick action on behalf of our schools!


Joe Doe

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