Dear Reserve Of Montgomery Resident,

On February 19th, the Reserve of Montgomery, together with some condo rental communities around us, have been reassigned from the Montgomery Elementary School to the Elementary Symmes School. Even if both Elementary schools are both in the Sycamore School District, there is variation on the quality of the Elementary Schools in our District (Symmes Elementary performance is more similar to the Loveland Elementary, in the Loveland School District). 

Even if our community members raised the question of home values deterioration during the community meetings, our voice has been weak, and not heard.


It’s time to make or voices heard. 

If you feel that the decision on assigning the Reserve of Montgomery to a lower school impacts the quality of education, or the resale value of your home, please send a letter to the Sycamore Board. Below is a sample letter to send to the Board, copying also the Mayor of Montgomery, Todd Steinbrink. The  next Sycamore School Board meeting is on March 5th , will be fantastic if you can send your message before that meeting. 

Please drop us a line at if you sent the letter, or if you have suggestions on how best to engage on this decision.  



Cc: , ,

To: Ken Richter , President / Jean Staubach, Vice President /Diane Adamec,Member /John Mercurio, Member /Jill Cole, Member / Todd Steinbrink, Montgomery City Mayor

To The Board of Education, Sycamore Schools

 Dear Mrs. Jill Cole and Sycamore Schools Board of Education  –

I was very surprised to find about the Sycamore School redistricting decision for the Reserve of Montgomery.

We specifically bought our house in the Reserve of Montgomery for the Montgomery Schools, knowing that our kids will go to a high quality school, and the resale value of our homes is much tied to the quality of the schools.  

I found it shocking that our community (The Reserve of Montgomery) has been assigned now to a Symmes School, and in the process lumped with several rental communities.

The redistricting to a lower ranked (based on Ohio Test Results) school will impact our home values.  With 100 houses in the Reserve, your decision significantly hurts the home values in Montgomery, and the tax basis in the City of Montgomery.

I understand that the home values has been raised as a criteria for the decision during the Community meetings, however you have chosen to ignore it as a criteria during the options discussion, and with your decision.  

I also understand that none of the Board members are from the Reserve of Montgomery, however I ask you to look at the following facts:

–        Our community is based in Montgomery, and we are paying Montgomery taxes

–        The value of the Reserve of Montgomery houses is tied to the quality of the schools

I will ask that you reconsider the redistricting decision, that is impacting the value of our houses, or create a mechanism to compensate the homeowners in our community for the value degradation of our houses.  We understand that you might not have had all the data at the time of your decision. 



<Address> , Montgomery, OH, 45249

February 21, 2014


What Else can we do on School Redistricting? Please let us know. 

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What else can we do on the School Redistricting?

More Info on Redistricting

Attached the link to the Sycamore Board Members profiles.

Redistricting Presentation, February 5th, 2014

Feb. 19, 2014 redistricting presentation

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